Unhealed Darfur… Nyala Massacre

On July 31st 2012, I was a little bit sick that day; actually the sickness was a result of fasting without eating enough food. It was Ramadan and many friends were fasting under NISS custody, probably they were tortured and find no mercy in the month of mercy. It was a nightmare for the families to gather at breaking the fast and a beloved person is missing. The intensity and frequency of protests were decreasing in Khartoum. All the elements of frustration were there in addition to hunger and low blood pressure. I decided to spend that day just laying on my bed. Not to do any thing and basically to avoid FB and twitter. I heard my father sadly saying There is No Power but from Allah. I run to his room and asked him whats happening he said ” they killed the kids in Nyala”
I’ve just turned backwards and slept. This was too much sorrow, anger and sadness to handle. I kept following the news from my dad and my brother. I expected the day after to find the streets of Khartoum are full of protesters demanding justice for Nyala massacre victims but nobody were there. I wasn’t surprised; more than 300,000 persons were killed in Darfur; 2,000,000 were displaced and nobody were protesting against this in Khartoum. I was also surprised by the shocked faces of Khartoum people; I kept saying yeah they shot fire on peaceful protesters, they are killers, nothing is new about this; the killers are sill there. What would we expect from a government killed more than 300,000 without held responsible and being accountable to these crimes. Simply they’ll continue killing and firing them. I was so angry and so many people were angry too, but we didn’t took the streets. Khartoum anti regime protesters waited Friday prayers and gathered again in Wd Nubawi mosque. Although many of them have mentioned that Ansar sect were not happy with Friday protests heading from their mosque since Shozaz Alafag Friday on 6th July 2012. On 13th July; the Kandake Friday some Ansari women quarreled with protesting women telling them that It seems they didn’t came for the prayers rather than the “protests” and they are ruining some marriage ceremonies. Finally on Friday August 3rd, when people gathered to pray for the souls of Nyala Massacre victims Imam asked them not to distort the mosque mandates and activities by organizing protests.
Although it was a big frustration for the protesters but the whole issue were distorted. Most of the activists rather than thinking about managing protests from other place than Wd Nubawi mosque; were busy with analyzing if Umma party and Ansar sect betrayed them or not; was this failure due to lack of coordination or it revealed the party standing point.  The whole issue of solidarity and demanding justice for the Nyala massacre victims’ were forgotten.

It took me 3 weeks to write this post; because I didn’t know how can I write it. Even-more; I was questioning the value of blogging about peaceful protests firing and murder of children without taking the streets.I’m convinced that justice would never be achieved under this regime. The atrocity of Nyala massacre could never be reflected in a blog post; at the same time I could never pretend that nothing happened and continue writing about trivial things.

Although protests subsided now but it will revive again soon or later. This wouldn’t be the last massacre in Darfur and we must never forget the victims. July 31st will always be a sad day witnessed the killing of 13 peaceful protestors and the injuring of more than a hundred of them.